QUALITY POLICY of Acemar is based on the following fundamental principles:

  • Assuring sense of belonging, sense of teambuilding and trust in improvement under the leadership of top management and involvement of all personnel.
  • Striving to ensure and sustain the highest level of customer satisfaction.
  • Providing a highly competitive level of service quality and sustaining it consistently.
  • Believing that the keys to the future and success of this company are continuous development, improvement and increased efficiency of the Quality Management System and striving for this goal.

QUALITY OBJECTIVES set by Acemar based on the foregoing principles:

  • To assure development of all personnel through training and learning programs and to do post-training follow-ups and reviews for making sure that each employee adopts, understands, implements quality policy and quality awareness, and improves consistently.
  • To organize an suggestion system involving participation from all levels and seniorities for assuring interaction between all employees and management of Acemar, reviewing efficiency and improving it continuously, and for ensuring development and improvement and to assess such systems.
  • To determine the development and improvement needs by regularly reviewing all service processes; to organize programs for meeting the resource needs and assuring development and improvement.

To adopt the measurement, analysis and improvement philosophy for making continuous development a measureable or assessable concept and monitoring it through:

  • Data obtained through objective evaluations using process management and corrective action methods.
  • Results of internal and external audits.
  • Customer complaints and demands as well as customer satisfaction data.
  • Supplier assessment data.
  • Management review data.
  • Assessments based on objective criteria.

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